Thanks for visiting!! This website was created to celebrate and support students of all ages who believe in inclusion, encouragement, and community. Hello to my students and colleagues. Hey to my fellow mama bears and papa bears. Shout out to the BCBA's, the RBT's, OT's, PT's, BT's, SLP's, and all the clinicians who support our children one session at time! Below you'll find some awesome resources  and products to help support your work.

*Children's Books*

More Than Words
Book Series
The adventures of autistic kids in a wordy world

The Christmas Letter

Available Now 


He knows who is coming on Christmas Eve. Time to decorate the house, bake cookies, and write a special letter. Oops...two out of three will have to do. But this kiddo has things to say. How will this nonverbal kid share his thoughts with his jolly friend? He won't stop until he figures out a way. Ride along as he fixates, celebrates, and reminds us all of the meaning of the holiday.

Listen With Your Heart

Available Now


He navigates everything from big emotions to small moments. His teacher tells a classmate “He doesn't talk much, but people communicate in all kinds of ways. Just listen to him with your heart and you will hear everything you need to know.” In a wordy world how will he share his thoughts, his great ideas, and get answers to his questions?

A Mind Like Mine 

Available Now


The professor is here! This word wizard loves nothing more than to share his knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder with others. He is always looking for an interested ( and sometimes NOT so available ) audience to teach all that he knows on the subject. And he knows a lot! Let this little guy take the lead as he schools us all on ASD.

*Coloring Books*

Toddler Coloring


This coloring book offers a fun method of supporting language acquisition for learners who are working toward making requests using carrier phrases. This book can be used as a supplemental resource during speech therapy sessions, ABA sessions, or can be used by parents who want to continue encouraging speech at home. This is a simple, fun way to engage learners and remind them that what they want MATTERS!

Teen Coloring

Available in May

Hey girl please know that you are fly
Though sometimes you hurt and sometimes you cry

On your bold days shine as bright as the sun
On your quiet days look for a friend or just be one

Some days the wind will test your flame
Some days folks won’t respect your name

Some nights you’ll search but won't find that friend
Some nights will be cold but that isn’t the end

You seek your peace and keep choosing joy
Don’t lean too heavy on any girl or boy
Every seed has to be buried before it grows roots
Every shot is measured before the winner shoots

This life is tough but we’re both gonna fly
We’ll trust in God and set our sights high

Live with honor, and always live true
We will soar in grace together
One Me, One You


Blue Notebook

Available Now


Black Notebook

Available Now 


Purple Notebook

Available Now


Notebook Interior

All notebooks include 100 pages for notes 

Notebook Interior

All notebooks include a 2022 and 2023 Calendar page

About the Author

Ericka Brown, the founder of More Than Words and the author of several children's books, is a dynamic, energetic, bilingual, professional with 20+ years of combined experience in academia and demanding and diverse business environments. She holds a M.A. in Elementary Education and a M.S.Ed. in Special Education. She is also a mom and has an autistic son who challenges the limitations of labels and inspired many of her most recent projects. Join her on her adventures in the classroom and the community as she soon becomes your favorite teacher.

More Than Words is dedicated to promoting inclusion and providing developmental and educational resources to families and service providers. 

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